Mason was delighted to make his Leeds theatre debut in 2008 playing Efian in the rolling world premiere of The Puppet Man . Since then he has appeared in numerous roles on tour for 'TheatreAnd' after completing an 18 month tour with them and recently treated the world to his George Formby impression in a theatre tour of 'When I'm Cleaning Windows' for Northeast Producers.

Mason has been seperated for 3 years and is enjoying helping to raise his daughter Sophie Jean who's eight (and already a better actor than her dad).

Mason was the founder and director of 'Sheffield Theatre Company' from 2007 which
encouraged new writing in Sheffield, using Sheffield actors until its unfortunate closure 18 months later. (Reviews were magnificent but we simply couldn't find the audiences - ah well!!).

Mason was born in 1969 in Sheffield and is still based there to be as close as possible to his daughter.


Mason in 'The Puppet Man' in Nov '08 receiving its premiere in Leeds
at the Carriageworks Theatre. Go to the Puppet Man website for more

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